View across the valley

Picture Gallery

The waterfall in mid summer

The flag festival in March.

The cycle path in the autumn.

The deer in snow
The deer in the snow.

Susie in the snow
Susie playing in the snow.

The telephone box
The phone box in spring?

The new garden
The new garden in its second spring.

Things are changing
Spring growth in the back paddock.

More daffodils
And from the other side

Daffodils in the wood.
The woods next to the car park.

The car park in snow...
The snow came down heavily one year- 12 inches at least!

the pool in snow
There was no swimming the next day!

snow damaged tree
Many boughs were snapped by the weight of the snow - this is the tree by the dustbins.

the hives in snow
The bees stayed clustered inside.

bottle brush plant
The Bottle Brush plant in the front courtyard was at its brilliant best last summer, and we are hoping for another good show this year.

A view from the Western side.  The tree to the left is a dwarf weeping copper beech and on the right the silver leaved weeping pear is visible.

This angle, from behind the garden fence, shows the magnificent white dogwood in early summer.  You will note that the thatch is looking very much the worse for wear in this picture and badly needed replacing. It has since been done.

Taken from above, by the steps to the greenhouse, this Easterly aspect is brought to life by the pale green spring foliage of the mock orange.

Viewed from the dining room the wisteria frames the garden nicely.