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The Ranges


Indoor 10m airgun range (heated) with automatic target changers & turning target machine. Budleigh Farm Air Range

  Indoor 25y/25m smallbore range (heated) with batch testing rig.Budleigh Farm Indoor Range
  Outdoor 50m smllbore range with covered firing point (35 lanes)Budleigh Farm South Range
  Outdoor 100yd smallbore, fullbore and black powder range with covered firing point. Target frames for 20yd/25yd/50m/100yd. Budligh Farm North Range


The Club

We have a busy shooting club for all ages with currently over 160 members.  Disciplines include air pistol, air rifle, field target, LSR, smallbore prone, PSK, fullbore carbine, long barrelled pistol, biathlon, black powder rifle and muzzle loading pistol. Competitions take place throughout the year, shoulder to shoulder and postal

Budleigh Farm trophies


Many of our clients are established shooters but we also have options for the beginner.  We put a premium on safety, our ranges are Fully MoD certified and all instructors NSRA qualified.

Historic Rifles:  The Best of British

Firing some of the Great British Rifles of yesteryear.  Start with a Webley & Scott .22 air rifle made in 1938, followed by a BSA Mark I rimfire from 1913 and finishing with a Lee-Enfield .303 model 4 made in 1943, using vintage ammunition.  £75.00

Budleigh Farm Historic Rifles


Modern Rifles

Introduction to prone, standing and sitting target shooting.  Start with an Anschutz .22, then a Ruger 10/22 semi-automatic rifle before finishing with a Winchester .243 hunting rifle.  £60.00.  If you just wish to stick with a Ruger semi-automatic the cost is £30.00.

Budleigh Farm modern rifles

Budleigh Farm modern rifles


Bespoke Courses

Over the years we have run courses in many target shooting disciplines on an individual and group basis at all levels.  Please contact us with your requirements and we will do our very best to accommodate you.

Budleigh Farm Lecture Room